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How do you continue on?
I've completely lost my will to live, the only reason I haven't killed myself is because I'm against that.

I feel I've lost everything that's worth anything to me, and I can't get any of it back. I've been feeling this for the longest but I can't get rid of the feeling, I've tried getting things back but in the end it seems I'm just attempting to fix something that may not even exist anymore.

Truth is I've reached complete depression and boredom in the world, I don't have anyone to talk to because I've gotten rid of all of my friends due to them being frauds. So I figure I might as well bring it here as a discussion. 

You don't have to provide suicide lines or anything like that because I won't be killing myself, I just have lost all reason to live. I feel completely dead inside, and I don't think this will ever change for me. Constant feeling of loss and regret, it truly sucks.

I'm sure some of you must've experienced something life changing before, maybe of different magnitudes but yeah.

I've concluded that this life is a terrible place, what pushes you to continue living in it everyday?
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Life sucks then you die, really. I remember being thirteen, and my dad just left me out, homeless, for weeks on in. Eating food from dumpsters was a particular memory I've kept with me, because I would consciously choose not to eat because of a sandwich I found in the back of a corner store that was wrapped in plastic, but had so much mold when I lifted the bread.

Anyways, I've lost reason to live, and it's been lost for a very long time, years now, actually. Nothing actually pushes me to live at all, I just do. It's not really worth it to kill myself, I mean, hell I really wouldn't be missed by the people that know me, save for a handful of people.
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Honestly, i used to feel that way. My brother and I just generally stopped caring. We would skip school together for weeks on end, stay home, get high as fuck and get drunk as fuck. I have effectively deleted 10 months of my life. Hell, we even got a hold of some mushrooms which turned out were fake, that's when I decided to take a look at my life and to stop fucking my brain up so much. While i have done some damage to myself that I now believe is permanent, I was able to quit smoking and start focusing on life - on making friends and maintaining relationships.

I owe all of this to all of my friends. One of my closest friends who have helped me overcome my depression is actually on this board. He might not know it, but i am forever grateful for having him in my life.

Ill end this with one of my favorite quotes from a great author, Kurt Vonnegut:

So It goes.
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Soulmate, you're not the only one who feel like that. Nor only one who lost "reason to life" or f* up so badly that feel like that. I could provide long and more or less sad story here but it's pointless in my opinion. My life isn't terrible, but it's not easy for me either.

To answer your two questions,so 1st "How do you continue on?": I woke up, do stuff I need to do/want more or less (mostly less, than more), sometimes I don't do shit, I just flow through the day. Other time I try a lot, do a lot (it can last longer period of time, or end after one day). Any not motivational (you don't need that from me, nor I think you want) type of advice I can think of is: do simple stuff. For example I try to shave Tongue every day. Throw out the garbage, don't miss a meal - I often don't give a f* so I end up eating like once a day. Or simply keep my place clean. Simple stuff really, but it helps (me Wink). I think of things I can do to make myself better, feel better, achieve what I want to achieve. Since some time I smoke a lot less (tobacco Tongue because I don't do other type of smoking for a very long time - drugs or alcohol wasn't ever my issue, thought I smoked fair share of the other stuff in my time and was drinking a lot for years), for various reasons but mostly It was my decision and my doing (I should feel more motivated by it but I'm not so much sadly :/). I hope to stop smoking entirely over time. So yes, I also think a lot about my problems, how to deal with them, forge a plan and try to implement it. I try to motivate myself and do simple stuff, regularly - it helps me.

To answer your 2nd question "what pushes you to continue living in it everyday?". Things I want to have, stuff I want to do, achieve. I want to be simply happy - as a person, I want to do something good for my people. Yes I would like to do or help making something good on like state level one day, or if not then at least a lot of smaller stuff (help particular people, but rather not by my direct doing, more like support money to NGOs who provide real help - but first I need to have enough to share). But I will be satisfied if I will be happy and hopefully still good man in the same time. Sounds simple and easy? It's not, not for me. So yes, "things" (not only material, hah - at some level mostly not material, so more like a certain relation with specific people, respect, feeling of being needed and loved) I desire are pushing me, the desire to have/achieve them more specifically. If (when Wink) I will succeed will it make me happy? So I still have things to do, to try, I'm still fighting... It's hilarious but the reason why I even stumbled on this forum, I'm writing this message is that desire in me, will to fight, to try. Story behind that reason isn't special nor important, but while trying I've encountered this forum by a chance, among other things I've seen your message, decided to say few words.

Good luck Smile man - or woman Tongue
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if you arnt going to kill yourself and you have nothing to lose then why dont you just do crazy shit? Or just make up some arbitary goal you want to do, it doesnt have to make sense, as long as its something you wanna do who cares. Speedrun flash games or make scat art, go homeless.
The things I do in my life I am only doing because I fear I may regret it later in life if I don't (i.e. schooling) and because I set goals for myself (video games).
I don't like the things I do, but I dont hate them either. I dont currently see any point to continue my schooling, and I think that living homeless on the streets would be much better for myself but I just do it because I may as well. I just hate wasting time.
I don't have any friends, any real goals outside my temproary "joke" goals, nothing I really care about and nothing I want to be. I live isolated (I live in a populated area, but I don't exist to anyone and they dont exist to me).
As long as im doing something, its better than being bored out of my fucking mind, so just do something to become unbored.
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